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Spruce Up Your Space By Adding Color To Your Rental

While neutral tones are the best choice for landlords looking to rent out their home, all the whites, greys, and tans can start to look a little drab for the color-connoisseur. But as a renter, you can’t always make permanent changes, like painting a room or adding wallpaper. So how do you spruce up your […]

Halloween Tips for Your Rental Property

Halloween may be spooky, but it shouldn’t turn your rental property into the scene of a horror movie. So how do you keep your rental from getting tricked instead of treated? Check out these Halloween tips for your rental! Keep Things Lit Proper outdoor lighting is important, even on All Hallow’s Eve. Make sure dimly […]

Are Out-Of-Towners Still Interested in Moving to Denver?

Denver has been a popular destination for many out-of-towners seeking to rent in the Mile High City. But according to Apartment Lists latest renter migration report, the percentage of out of state renters looking at moving to Denver decreased between April and August to 37.3%. The same time last year had a total of 42.6% […]

Dealing with Unauthorized Pets in Your Rental

Imagine the following scenario: you’ve rented your single family home to qualified tenants. Everything so far is going really well. They pay on time, they maintain the property. Things are going just as smoothly as they can. Then your neighbor calls and tells you they saw a puppy running around in your tenant’s back . […]

The Pros and Cons of Smart Tech in Your Rental

Technology has quickly become an exponential part of our lives. The use of smart technology in our homes, from video security systems to doors that unlock when your cell comes within range, is quickly rising. But does the wide array of smart tech have a place in long-term rental properties? Before you decide to install […]

Do I Need to Change the Locks Between Tenants?

Your previous tenant has moved out and you’re on the fast track to moving new ones in. As you reach for the front door to finalize those last little maintenance items, you stop and wonder whether or not you need to change the locks. After all, the previous tenant returned all of the keys and […]