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What To Do With A Tenant’s Abandoned Property

Your tenant has finally vacated and now it’s time to do the move-out inspection. But when you walk inside, you find they’ve left all sorts of things behind. Trash, furniture, and other personal items, to be exact. So what do you do with your tenant’s abandoned property? The answer isn’t as simple as throwing it […]

What to Consider Before Raising the Rent

We can all agree that one of the biggest goals for owning a rental property is to make money. You want a return on your investment, after all, not enough to just cover the costs. So when it comes time to renew the lease agreement on your rental, one of the foremost questions is raising […]

What Amenities Do Tenants Most Desire?

When it comes to renting, many tenants have their own personal preferences with what they look for. However, there are a few items that many renters look for when it comes time to find a place to call home. So what are the top amenities that many renters desire?   Location Location, location, location! As […]

Tips for Effective Landlord-Tenant Communication

Communication is a key part of any relationship, including that between a landlord and tenant. Good landlord-tenant communication practices can lead to a positive rental experience, even when times get tough. So what are the top tips for effective landlord-tenant communication?   Landlord-Tenant Communication Should Be Professional The relationship between a landlord and their tenant […]

Gaining Access To Your Occupied Rental

You’ve done the hard work to find the right tenants for your rental property. You’ve screened them, collected the deposit, signed the lease, and handed over the keys. So what happens now if you need to gain access? Be it for repairs, inspections, or walk-throughs of any sort, etc., gaining access to your occupied rental […]