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Tips for Finding Tenants in Fall and Winter

There’s a reason that real estate is seasonal; no one wants to move when it’s cold and snowy! And just like tenants don’t want to move during Fall and Winter, landlords don’t want to have to worry about filling their vacancy during the off-season. Unfortunately, it’s not always avoidable. Leases end or tenants vacate early. […]

Common Rental Property Expenses Not to Overlook

Owning a rental property offers a lot of benefits and calculating returns on your investment is really a no-brainer. However, it’s a common mistake of many first-time landlords to overlook what costs actually go into a rental property. It’s more than just the rent minus the mortgage. So what are the common rental property expenses […]

9 Key Essentials of Property Management

Managing a rental property is no small-time gig, which is why property management companies exist in the first place. And while every company and property manager is different, there are 9 key essentials that encompass all of property management. #1 Advertising and Screening New Tenants When your rental property is vacant, the first step is […]

Even a Landlord Needs a Vacation

Managing a rental property can easily become a full-time job, and one that goes 24-7-365. But that doesn’t mean that landlords can’t take time off for some needed R&R. Even a landlord needs a vacation, and there’s an easily solution to make sure things go smoothly while you’re away. Wrap Up Any Outstanding Projects or […]

Got Mail? What To Do With A Tenant’s Mail

Landlords face a multitude of situations; dealing with a tenant’s mail is one that every landlord should know how to handle appropriately. Whether the intended mail recipient has moved out or is on an extending vacation, improper handling can actually lead to serious legal trouble. So what do you do when the mail keeps piling […]

What Makes a Quality Property Management Company?

There’s an age old saying that really holds a lot of truth: you get what you pay for. The same comes for property management services. If you look for the cheapest solution, you’ll often get the cheapest service. This is why choosing quality property management services, like Real Property Management Colorado, is the way to […]

Repair or Replace? What Should You Consider When Fixing Or Replacing Appliances In Your Rental

Maintenance will always be a part of owning a rental property. Appliances break down, which then brings up the question of repair or replace. Replacing appliances can easily become a big expense but repairing old, outdated ones isn’t always the most cost-effective solution either. So what should you consider before making your decision?   How […]