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Spring Cleaning Has Sprung

Spring cleaning has sprung! You know what they say; February snow brings a March glow!  With the spring season eagerly knocking at our doorsteps, many of us are feeling less than ready when it comes to our home’s cleanliness and organization – making that March glow more of just a flickering light.  But never fear; […]

Greener is Better

Take a look outside your window.  Do you see the brown grass and the naked trees?  I think we can all agree the coming of the spring time greenery is what our eyes are truly pining after.  Believe it or not, but Mother Nature is on to something…greener is BETTER!  Implementing a “green” lifestyle surges […]

Denver: If You Build it, They Will Come

  Denver: If you build it, they will come There are immeasurable reasons that the people who were born and raised in Denver, Colorado stay in Colorado. The distinct four seasons give way to every outdoor activity your heart could desire, from navigating the Colorado River to shredding the slopes, this state is all but […]

RPM Ranked #1 in Entrepreneur Magazine

  See for yourself why RPM ranked #1 in Entrepreneur Magazine for the 2015 Franchise 500!  While the property management industry continues to grow and new competitors enter the market, Real Property Management is honored to be recognized as the #1 residential property management company by Entrepreneur Magazine.  This is a testament to the quality of […]

Pets or No Pets, That is the Question

  To allow pets or no pets, that is the question! As many of you know, deciding whether to allow pets into your rental property sometimes is not an easy decision. There really can be a positive and negative on both sides. Let’s review some thoughts on this issue and hopefully it will help you […]

Stop, Drop & Roll! Wildfire Proof Your Home NOW!

With all this frigid air and snow it’s hard to believe that there will be a time in the near future with sunshine and warm days!  But believe it or not, that time is rapidly approaching and excessive heat plus the dry climate of Colorado causes the chance for wildfires to skyrocket. So stop, drop […]

Market Shift From Buying to Renting

Why Buying is No Longer an Option In a recent article published by the Denver Post, economics writer Christopher S. Rugaber comments on the intensifying student debt  that is sinking it’s teeth in to the millennial generation of home buyers, elevating the need for not only quality, but quantity when it comes to rental properties in the […]